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Meet Our Team 

Each of us has been crazy about bikes since…Always.

We talk bikes, dream bikes, ride bikes, fix bikes, race bikes...

People outside of our bike lives probably want to talk about other stuff than bikes but… did you see that new derailleur!? We also think there’s a pretty strong tie between bikes and beverages, and we want to build community around those things.

So come visit us, grab a beverage of your choice, and pull up a stool at our service counter where you can watch us at work.


Gilad Gozlan

  • Favorite type of bike: 
  • Type of riding:
  • Learned to ride at age: 
  • Favorite Handlebar Café drink: Peppermint Tea
  • Favorite Sisters Sans Gluten pastry:
  • Job off the bike: Dad

Nathan Riddle

  • Favorite type of bike: Santa Cruz Mega Tower
  • Type of riding: Mountain Biking, Enduro Racing
  • Learned to ride at age: 5
  • Favorite Handlebar Café drink: Chai
  • Favorite Sisters Sans Gluten pastry: Lime Coconut Muffin 
  • Jobs off the bike: Owner, Dad, Product Development
  • Other Interests: Art, photography, gardening
  • Favorite new product: Shimano XTR 12-speed
  • Favorite trail in town: Time Warp
  • Favorite trail in the world: Downieville downhill course


Ben Sharkey

  • Favorite type of bike: Kona Honzo ESD
  • Type of riding: Enduro
  • Learned to ride at age: 6
  • Favorite Handlebar Café drink: Hazelnut Latte
  • Favorite cafe pastry: Chocolate Chocolate Chip Muffin
  • Jobs off the bike: Bike Mechanic, Boyfriend
  • Other Interests: Snowboarding, Hiking, Food
  • Favorite new product: Hayes rakes
  • Favorite trail in town: Time Warp
  • Favorite trail in the world: Northway Trail at Crystal Mountain, WA
  • Claim to Fame: Can grow a beard in a day

Adrien Rennie
Café Manager & Barista

  • Favorite type of bike: Mountain bike
  • Type of riding: Enduro
  • Learned to ride at age: 5
  • Favorite Handlebar Café drink: Decaf Oatmilk Cappuccino
  • Favorite Sisters Sans Gluten pastry: Zucchini Chocolate Cake
  • Job off the bike: SOU Student  and DEVO Ashland Coach

Josh Mizel
Café Manager & Barista

Leyla Muemker

  • Favorite type of bike: Road bike
  • Type of riding: Road biking
  • Learned to ride at age: 7
  • Favorite Handlebar Café drink: Honey Cinnamon Latte
  • Favorite Sisters Sans Gluten pastry: Nutella Brownie

Mariella Ferris

Katie Guest
Social Media Manager & Mechanic Apprentice

  • Favorite type of bike: Quintana Roo PR6
  • Type of riding: Triathlon, road biking and now mountain biking!
  • Learned to ride at age: 3
  • Team you race for: Team USA Triathlon
  • Sponsors: Jakroo, Lazer, Club Northwest, Human Bean, Skratch Labs, Go Pro
  • Favorite Handlebar Café drink: Honey Cinnamon Latte
  • Favorite Sisters Sans Gluten pastry: Cheddar Soda Bread
  • Job off the bike: All-Hazards Disaster Manager


Mike “Deano” Dean

  • Favorite type of bike: Love my Land Shark road bike!
  • Type of riding: Road and mountain. I've completed the Tour de France route 3 times for charity. As well as the Half-Ironman in Singapore (3x) and IM Switzerland. I plan to ride in France again in 2022, COVID-willing!
  • Learned to ride at age: Circa 1977
  • Favorite Handlebar Café drink: Cappuccino and beer (coming soon!)
  • Favorite Sisters Sans Gluten pastry: Jalapeño Cheddar Muffins 
  • Job off the bike: Principal Production Geologist at Shell

Parker Chase

Trevin Phillips

  • Favorite type of bike: Trail and enduro bikes. There are so many great and capable bikes out there these days, wish I could try them all!
  • Learned to ride at age: 3 or 4
  • Favorite Handlebar Café drink: Latte or Americano
  • Favorite Sisters Sans Gluten pastry: Haven't had one I don't like yet...Poppy seed & Lime Coconut muffins stand out
  • Job off the bike: I work in the Insurance Industry when I'm not enjoying the trails or loitering at The Handlebar